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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday in Cornwall...

I finally got all my pictures together of my trip. So many it's overwhelming so I have divided them into albums. Today is Cornwall.

Visiting Cornwall was a favorite of mine. It is absolutely breath taking and very mysterious! This is Daphne Du Mauier country. There is even an actual coaching inn The Jamaica Inn on the Bodmin moor. You can see the smuggler's caves in the cliffs.

Cornwall is located in southwestern tip of England. It is very rural, but so beautiful. We stayed there two nights in Boscastle and from there visited Tintigel and Port Isaac. Port Isaac was my favorite. While we were there they were filming an episode of Doc Martin, a BBC mini series. We saw the cast and watched them film in this small little seaside village. I have seen the 1st season of Doc Martin and loved it. I can't wait for season two to be available in the United States.

Saving Grace was also filmed in Port Isaac's. There is a definite feeling of mystery in Cornwall which adds to it's charm. I loved the people they were all so friendly.
The link below is to my photobucket album of Cornwall~Enjoy!


  1. The photo's are beautiful. I wonder if the residents truly appreciate the beauty and the history of their area?

  2. It's breathtaking and so serene!
    I love how you can view the landscape and if you remove the cars, its like you're looking back in time! It seems untouched :)


  3. My goodness Susie, what beautiful pictures! I would love to live somewhere that beautiful.

  4. WOW WOW WOW!! Those are awesome pictures!! Even my husband admitted it was beautiful!

    I could SO live there - those houses are spectacular!

  5. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Cornwall looks amazing, i love the fog and the green hills next to the sea. I'll need to put this place on my travel wish list!


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