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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Power of Motivation to spruce up the old...

I love my home, I truly do, but lately(like the last 4 years) I have been totally unmotivated to do anything new to spruce it up. In my younger years I loved decorating, now I love blogging and making dolls. My standards beyond cleanliness has been in a rut. What could get me more motivated than hearing that my dear friend of 34 years is coming to visit with her husband? Motivated, more like complete panic. The last time she visited was my son's wedding 11 years ago. I don't think anything has really changed in 11 years.

I just couldn't have her see the rut I'm in, so my daughter and I sat down and made a list of what need changing and began making plans. We realized it was going to take some investment. We didn't want to spend a great deal, like a whole new room of furniture, we knew we had to be economical. We both love English decorating, we wanted something in between English country and formal. We began with a major declutter. We made a place for our doll making supplies to be hidden out of the way instead of in the dining room. We bought slip covers for the old couch and love seat.
I bought a whole bunch of accent pillows at Wal-mart to bring out the color in the wood and art work. We spent a lot of time in Ross and Marshalls and was able to pick up some fun decorating pieces such as table frames, tea trays, table cloths and pictures. We are both doll collectors/makers, but nothing looks worse than going into a home that is just overwhelming with dusty dolls.
My daughter found a vintage pram off of Craig's list for $150 in perfect condition. We chose one doll each that would compliment the room and have them in the pram. We completely redid the upstairs bathroom. I will have to show picture of that later. By the time we were finished it just looked beautiful. It was exactly what we were trying to achieve. All in all we figure we spent about $600 which is very reasonable for a makeover.
I wish I had before pictures, but I am sharing some quick pictures I took this morning on my way to work.

My friends were very impressed and when we were out shopping yesterday she found a Feltman Bros. vintage infant dress for one of my pram dolls. I love going home now and walking in my front door! I would love to hear how you have made over your home. It's fun to share ideas.


  1. Aww Love the babies.. you did such a good job, Susie! And how fun to come home to a freshly made up house, such a great achievement! A Wonderful investment to make your heart smile.

  2. Nice job. My porcelain doll is in the china cabinet because it is the only place it won't get broken.
    We are still in the process of redoing our house (18 years and counting). I currently have boxes piled all over. I hope to get into the addition of our garage tomorrow and work on the back room. It will be a combination craft room and store room. Unfortunately it is currently floor to ceiling boxes. Once the cabinets and workbench is in, I can get my craft supplies out of the house and unpack some of this stuff.

  3. Look at that gorgeous living room!!! But wait... methinks Imogen is trying to upstage Olivia. I see her sitting up, blocking the key light.

  4. Great job Susie! It's amazing how a few new pieces can re-do your whole room! It looks beautiful!

  5. It looks wonderful! I love the blue of the couches and think it pops nicely with the rest of furnishings.
    Don't feel bad, unless I have company coming over, I don't clean as much as I should either. Life is too short to spen all that time with Mr.Clean :)
    Great work! and the babies look adorable.

  6. Susie, I think this totally looks like an English living room. I want to curl up in there and read. And I'm sure the dolls in the pram enjoying looking out over it all. I collect dolls, and admire your ability to make them, as well.


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