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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Join The Holt & Heyer Summer Reading Challenge...

Holt and Heyer Summer Reading Challenge 2010
July 1 - September 22

All Things Royal is hosting a Holt and Heyer Summer Reading Challenge for 2010. The object is to read as much Victoria Holt and/or Georgette Heyer books as you can during the summer beginning July 1 – September 22. There will be monthly prices awarded and a surprise grand prize for the overall winner at the end of the challenge. Many of you know that I am a doll maker and sell my dolls all over the world, so you can guess what the grand prize will be!

As you read and finish your book report back to me with your accomplishments and I will post them.
Points awarded:

  • 1 pt awarded if you post the book you are reading on your blog as Currently Reading and send me the link.
  • 2 pts awarded for each book you read
  • 3 pts awarded if you post a review.
  • 4 pts awarded if you link back to me with your review.
  • 15 bonus pts. for tweeting about this Challenge
  • So ultimately you can earn up to 10 pts per book and an extra 15 pts. for tweeting. The reviews do not have to be elaborate. I want this to be fun, fun, fun.
  • To enter:

    ~Canadian and U.S. Residents only
    ~Must follow my blog
    ~Copy the challenge button and put it on your side bar with link and report back by commenting on this post with link to your site.

    That’s it!!!! Really this should be lots of fun. Summer is the time to relax and not be too serious! I will post information on what the monthly price is beginning July 1.

    Follow the link(s) for a complete list of Holt and Heyer books to choose from:
  • Victoria Holt:
  • Georgette Heyer:


  1. How fun Susie, and what a fantastic unique prize!!! I am in, I hope I can squeeze in some good Holt and Heyer reads!

  2. Also, I have a Heyer Page here with some review linksand Holt list here. The Heyer one may help with the review links for potential readers. The Challenge button in posted on my sibebar under my Tudor Challenge button.

  3. I follow your blog and love both Holt and Heyer but since I am overseas wont link. Especially for Heyer I have been re-reading her books over and over again - something like what I do for Pride and Prejudice!

  4. I'm in! I have you on my sidebar and I tweeted about the challenge!

  5. Sounds like fun, but I have no blog. I do enjoy Victoria Holt and have many of her books that I have not yet read.
    I did not know you made dolls. Please do a post on it some time. I'd love to see them.

  6. I just discovered your blog through a friend. I think it's great. I belong to and we have the same taste because I also use the same logo of the woman with the pen.
    I'm now a follower and would love to exchange links with you.

    A lovely blog!

    Mirella Patzer

  7. I think I've read about 90% of Victoria Holt's work -- she was my absolute fav many years ago; however, it's always a good time to refresh or search for that one or two books of hers that I may have missed! Wonderful idea, and I would love to join you and the other readers in this challenge. Thank you for sponsoring it! (And I'm a big fan of Heyer, as well!)


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