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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Night Stakler Series: Military Romance...

Can you believe this? Military Romance? Who would have thunk? Well apparently M.L. Buchman did. I think I may have finally found a romance I can get into. I always have good intentions and after reading the 1st chapter or two I'm done with the bodice ripping highland lord.
The Night Stalker Series caught my eye this morning while on Jenny Loves to Read (one of my favorite blogs) I noticed her Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell side bar button. I checked it out and found this wonderful interview with M.L. Buchman about his new release to his Night Stalker Series, Wait until Dark.
It's such a fascinating interview that I have checked it out on Amazon and ordered the 1st int he series
(amazon link)
I love the idea it's written by a man. I am anxious to see how he pulls off the romance and heroine.
It sounds refreshing and intriguing. 
It looks good according the amazon reviews.
I will be posting later my own review.
Give yourself a treat and check out Jenny's blog, Mr. Buchman's interview and his website. All links above.



  1. I know right, so cool a man. Sure he can get the military right but romance? Well you must see ;)

  2. you are too kind :)
    Glad my side bar helped you find a great read. leave to Blodeudd she always has some good ones on her site :)


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