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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Royal Trivia...

Royal Mottos

The Tudor Royals~ all had their own mottos. They would have these mottos engraved into saddles, silver plate, their Coat's of Arms, etc. It was a declaration of what they live by. I thought it would be interesting to learn what each of Henry's wives had for their individual motto. It has been very enlightening discovering what they were. Each motto gives an insight into the personality of the individual queens. Henry's fits like a glove. I think you will enjoy this and hopely it will create a lively discussion.

Henry VIII ~ "God and My Right"

Catherine of Aragon ~ "Humble and Loyal"

Anne Boleyn ~ "Most Happy"

Jane Seymour ~ "Bound to Obey and Serve"

Anne of Cleves ~ "God Send Me Well to Keep"

Catherine Howard ~ "No Other Will but His"

Katherine Parr ~ "To be Useful in All I Do"


  1. WOW that is really interesting. Henry's really is appropriate LOL.

  2. Wow what an interesting find! You mean these were their own mottos that they went by? I thought there would have been more to Boleyn's though. But Henry's fits perfectly and Ctharine of Aragon's too! Thanks:)

  3. Yes, these mottos are what they created for themselves. I think that Anne's shows how self serving she actually was. Jane shows what kind of wife she was, she was Henry's favorite. I feel the worst for poor little Catherine Howards, it really was "No Other Will but His".

  4. Seriously...this is fascinating. It says a lot abot how they thought about themselves.

  5. They really do all show something about their personalities.

  6. Great post - this was really interesting!

  7. Even though I'm biased, My favourite is definitely Anne Boleyn's. It's just a shame that she was not allowed to be "The Most Happy"!

    I agree, they really do sum up their characters. I don't like Jane Seymour's but I guess that's what Henry wanted from a woman after Anne.

  8. I agree with everyone - fantastic post! How intriguing!


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