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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Royal Trivia...

Are you an Elizabethan Expert Extraordinaire?

Find out take the Liz Quiz!

Post your results, I was Proficient

I think it will be fun to add to your comments one book you recommend that you have read about Elizabeth I.

I recommend Legacy by Susan Kay~the best historical novel I have read about Elizabeth, and maybe the best historical novel I've read period.

This will be fun to see every one's results, so please, please play along!


  1. I'm proficient! What fun! What a great idea you had:) Ok, I'll name one book I loved...Queen of this Realm (by Plaidy of course!)

    BTW, I just love the new look- it's so perfectly royal.

  2. Thank-you Ms. Lucy, I was hoping someone would notice! Queen of this Realm is on my TBR list!

  3. I haven't read Legacy, but someone else also suggested that it was a terrific read. I might have to add this one to my list. How close to actual history would you say it is? Or does it read more as fiction?

  4. I'm also proficient! My favorite Elizabeth I book is I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles. I've been lusting after Legacy for such a long time!

  5. I've heard that I, Elizabeth is also a very good one. Ms. Lucy Legacy is very accurate, sometimes too accurate especially during some of the execution details. It reads like a novel. You won't want to put it down. Hard to find. It's out of print now. I read it 20 years ago now you will need to find it on ebay. I just got a 1st edition on ebay for $5.00.

  6. Wow! I'm gonna look online and try to get it.- I'll let you know. I find that alot of the books that were written earlier are often better reads- don't know why. And- I thrive on detail (well maybe not executions though;)I read I, Elisabeth as well and loved it.

  7. I'm proficient as well, which surprised me because I really don't feel like I know much about her. The only book that I have read that even has her in it is The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory. I also wanted to pass on an award to you, its over at my blog

  8. I was proficient. I was surprised at how much I remember. I would recommend Children of Henry VII by Alison Weir. I remember doing a project on her about 12 yrs ago in high school.

  9. Way to go! You're an Elizabethan Expert Extraordinaire!

    I got the language one wrong..

    I have read several Elizabeth I books!

    Off the the top of my head are Elizabeth and Essex by Lytton Strachey which was a good informative quick read about the relationship between the two,
    Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins Rivals Queens by Jane Dunn

  10. I'm Extraordinaire. I loved Legacy and I've heard that Sourcebooks is planning to republish this book in 2010.

  11. Expert Extraordinaire... I've read a lot of books on her and my favorite is Queen of This Realm by Jean Plaidy. I'll have to add Legacy to my TBR.

  12. Congratulations Susie, you won a book on my blog.

    Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings

  13. Susie, I forgot to mention, could you please email me your full name and address so I can send you your book. alaineb at bigpond dot net dot au

  14. Congrats on your book win, Susie.. and I have something for you at The Burton Review!Have a wonderful day!


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