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Monday, March 1, 2010

Descending from William Marshall 3rd Earl of Pembrooke,27 generations...

I have currently been reading the The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick about William Marshall. I never even really heard about him until reading this book in preparation for the HFBRT event featuring the Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick. I thought it would be best to read The Greatest Knight first since Scarlet Lion continues the story of William Marshall. While reading I started recognizing different names and places mentioned beyond the obvious royal characters. I knew I had seen these names before somewhere and then I put two and two together and pulled out my genealogy and found out that William Marshall 3rd Earl of Pembrooke is my 26th great grandfather. I have skimmed by his name so many times, never giving it much thought. I will never do that again. After reading this fantastic book I am in awe of this man and in awe that he is my direct ancestor.
I have had several people contact me a little skeptical of my claims to my royal heritage. I just chuckle, because as unbelievable as it is to them it is just as unbelievable to me :-). I am not the only one to descend from these people, many of you out there reading this if you had the inclination to do your family history you may be surprised to find out who you are related to.

Anyway I'm really not out to prove anything, but I did think it would be fun to create a descendant chart of my relationship to William Marshall, so I did and I'm including it in this post below. If any one's interested you can follow beginning with William 27 generations down to me. The bold type individuals represent a generation and the bullet italicized individuals are their spouses. This is just represents one direct family line.


Descending from William Marshall “The Protector”
3rd Earl of Pembrooke

William Marshall 3rd Earl of Pembrooke (1143-1219)

Isabella Fitzgilbert De Clare (1172 – 1220)

Sibyl Marshall (1209 – 1238)

William De Ferrers (1200 – 1254)

Matilda De Ferrers (1228 -1299)

William “Fort” De Viivonne (1225 – 1259)

Joan De Viivonne (1249 – 1314)

Reginal FitzHerbert (1232 – 1285)

Peter Fitz Herbert Baron of Chewton (abt 1254 – 1323)

Alice Broadspeare (1254 - ?)

Herbert Fitz Piers ( 1269 - ?)

Margaret Walsh (1270 - ?)

Adam Fitz Herbert (1290 - ?)

Christian Verch Gwarin Ddu (1295 - ?)

John J, Gwarin Lord of Adam (1316- ?)

Gwinillian ap Bleddin (1328 - ?)

William ap Lord of Gwarinddu Herbert (1346 - ?)

Gwinillian Vaughn (1350 - ?)

Thomas ap Gwillem Herbert (1372-1438)

Maud Morley (1380 - ?)

Jevan ap Thomas Ragland (Died 1416 Ragland Castle Monmouth Wales)

Margaret Grant (Glamorgan Wales)

Robert ap Jevan Ragland (1408 - ?)

Joan Clerke (1410 - ?)

Lewis ap Robert Ragland (1440 – 1526)

Joan David (1442 - ?)

Robert Raglad (1510 - ?)

Alice Matthew (1510 - ?)

Thomas Ragland (1530 – 1565)

Mary Carne (1530 - ?)

John Ragland (1545 - ?)

Alice Kingson (1543 - ?)

Thomas Ragland (1575 - ?)

Marie Ingram (1605 - ?)

Thomas Ragland (1628 – 1653)

Jane Morgan (1628 - ?)

Evan Ragland (1656 – 1716)
shanghaied by Colonist Captain in Cardiff, Wales and sold as a white slave to Stephen Pettus in Baltimore, Maryland at age 16. He later married Susanna Pettus, Stephens daughter and inherited a large estate.

Susanna Pettus (1656 – 1717) New Kent, Virginia

Stephen Ragland (1687 - ?)

Mary Hudson (1692 - ?)

Agnes Ragland (1723 – 1760)

Eprahim Merritt ( 1705 – 1760)

Elizabeth Merritt (1743 – 1814)

William Rose (1757 – 1835) Revolutionary War Soldier

Elizabeth Rose (1782 – 1860)

Edward Bennett (1791 – 1880)

Mahala Jane Bennet (1848 - 1913)

Eprahim Rose ( 1847 – 1915)

William Merritt Rose ( 1871 – 1940)

Elizabeth Lawson (1874 – 1904)

Lawrence Rose (1898 – 1989)

Anna Mae Bryant (1899 – 1998)

Ruby Elizabeth Rose (1921 – 1994)

Harvey Walter Fritz (1917 – 2008)

Susan Kay Fritz (1954 - )

James Anthony Fiorito ( 1951 - )


  1. That is very cool! I'm glad I'm not related to him though - after reading The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion, I have a serious crush on him! I was so disappointed when we went to England and The Temple Church was closed - I really wanted to see where he was buried.

  2. I still find it fascinating that records can be found that go that far back. So many churches and government offices burned. My brother is working on our family history. I'll be curious to see what he finds,

  3. Awesome! Like Daphne I am crushing on him too!

  4. Wow! That is just fabulous! I'd love to research my genealogy one day -- but I'd probably find thieves and robbers!

  5. That's so cool Susie! You've got good genes ;-)

    Funny my cousin tells me one day after hearing about my fascination with royalty that she had heard we were descended from Marie Antoinette! Well, you can just imagine how excited I was...enough to forget that she usually talks out of her rear. So, I go and ask my mom and it turns out that NOPE, I only have a great-great-great-aunt NAMED Marie Antoinette...not THE Marie Antoinette! Man, was I bummed!

    But, at least I KNOW someone that IS descended from royalty and that's just as cool!

  6. Amy that is hysterical!!!!!! Family stories are so funny! My husband's grandfather told the 1930 census taker that he was born in Ireland and so was his father. That's how it's recorded. He wasn't born in Ireland he was born in Arkanas and so was his father. I just think maybe he had too much Irish whiskey after work before the census taker came to his home.

  7. Such luck running across this post: Stephen Ragland (m. Mary Hudson) is my 5g grandfather.

  8. Daphne~you are kidding me? You need to email me. I have all kinds of stuff on the Ragland Castle, our Castle in Gwent Wales!

  9. Lord only knows where my family is from. I know a little bit but I think most of my Dad's side wanted to forget where they came from because they were poor.
    My mom's side is too polluted with remarriages and people with the same last name getting married that it's tough to follow. Same names were not related just had the same name. No kissing cousins here!
    I think it's awesome you were able to trace your history.

  10. I know exactly how you feel. I find it hard to believe that I am directly related to King Alfred The Great (b.849 AD). He was my 33rd great grandfather! Family research is amazing isn't it?
    I'm English (UK) by the way.

  11. I have the same geneaology up until Stephen Ragland. Descended from Agnes' brother, William.

    There actually lots of us Raglands out there. And I've been to Raglan Castle (Castell Raglan) in Wales. Climbed to the top of the Keep actually. are related to Earl Marshall twice over.

    I know that through another branch that travels through the marriage of Maud Marshall(also a daughter of William Marshall) to Hugh Bigod, the Raglands(and thus you as well) are descended from Hameline Plantagenet(half brother to Henry II), Henry I of France, Anne Grand Princess of Kiev, Gundred of Normandy(youngest child of William the Conquerer), William the Conquerer himself, all the Counts of Flanders from 850-1050, Robert II(Capet)of France, Alfred the Great through his daughter Aelfthryth of Wessex, Holy Roman Emperor Charles II "the bald", Holy Roman Emperor Louis "the Pious", and of course his father Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne..his father Charles Martell..all the way to his father Pepin "the short."

    All of this is detailed in Charles James Ragland Jr's The Raglands: The History of a British-American Family(Volume II)

    Hope this amuses you! :)

  12. The above information re Evan Ragland being 16 and arrival port being Baltimore, Md is new and extremely helpful. My Ragland-Davis research group has determined John Davis, my 10th ggf, was kidnapped at the same time and both were indentured to Pettus. Evan married Stephen Pettus' daughter Susanna and 15 years later cousin John Davis married their daughter Catherine Ragland.Is Volume II of The Raglands: The History of a British-Amarican Family the source? I have Volume I but not II. Thank you so much.

  13. My husband is descended from the Raglands too and we just recently visited Raglan castle in Wales. Your list here has been helpful for me filling in a few gaps in the story. Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. How thrilled I am to read this and discover that I'm a descendant of my hero, William Marshall ! Evan Ragland, b 1656, was my 8th great grandfather and I've traced as far back as Thomas ap Gwillem Herbert, who married Maude Morley. Thanks to this post, I can now go all the way to Wm. Marshall.

  15. Dear very distant Cousin, I found out quiet by accident as well. I was having some fun and started to Google names near the top of my family tree - what fun!! Thank you so much for the books titles, I look forward to reading the Scarlet Lion. Thank you so much for this blog!!P.S. are you blessed with the family "gout" as well? I went 10 years before it was properly diagnosed so mentioning to the family to get tested before it hits the last stage. Early detection can make a huge difference.

  16. Hi I’m also a distant cousin and descendant of Evan Ragland. Have you heard on the Pettus side anything about his wife Susannah being a descendant of Pocahontas through a daughter named Ka’Okee?

  17. Ah I wish there were a thousand William Marshalls today! I hope you are reading the book on him by Thomas Asbridge. I have Welsh ancestry going back to the 14th century so I imagine that my people were there when Marshall was a March lord in the 13th century. He was a remarkable man. A man of resolve, of composure, intelligent, wise and steadfast. Plus he fathered 10 children so I imagine he was an energetic husband as well. There are quotes from him about his wife Isabel that were so awesome. Most of all he was a man of chivalry.

  18. Hello cousin. William Marshal and Isabel de Clare are my 23rd great grandparents. My husband and I spent a month in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales this fall visiting family genealogical sites.

  19. Hi,
    I'm very interested in your proposed descent from William Marshall to Evan Ragland. My wife is a Ragland, and I've been researching her family for a number of years. Along the way, I found the two books by Charles Ragland and even had an opportunity to talk with him before he passed. I was interested to read about Evan Ragland being taken to America when he was 16. I've had no luck finding him in England and your description may partly explain that.
    I would very much like to know from where this story originates. I'm hoping there might be some source material I can find. If possible, could someone familiar with this story point me in the right direction?
    Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks, Gordon


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