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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's Royal Review The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick...

I NEED A HERO, He's got to be strong, He's got to be good, He's got to be larger than life...

Imagine a father putting up his 5 year old son as collateral for a bargain being made to a King, and if he doesn't fulfill his part, his son will be hanged. Can't imagine this, well it's true. William Marshall was just that child, and his father failed in his part of the bargain with King Stephen, bragging that what is his child's life to him after all he still had "his hammer and anvils to produce another one".

King Stephen, fully prepared to keep his word and hang young William recognizes something tenacious and noble about the little guy and spares his life. William will grow up being a squire to the great knights and learns the trade very well. He will become a knight that truly adheres to the chivalrous code.

He becomes a part of King Henry II's household pledging his loyalty to the royal family. He is put in charge of teaching and preparing the heir, young Henry, to be King. He pledges his word and life to this young man being there through the good and bad, and at his bed side when the young heir dies of camp fever. He will travel to the Holy Land to bow at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem to keep his pledge he gave to the dying Henry to ask for forgiveness in his behalf for his sins.

Through-out this story William will time and time again prove his loyalty and integrity. He is no bottom kisser for sure. Ms. Chadwick has done a marvelous job of portraying a man, a very good man, not a god that no one can relate to, but a man of flesh and blood. A man that is kind, funny, focused and passionate. In truth one HOT guy that every woman would desire.

I likened him to:

Russell Crowe as Maximus Mel Gibson as William Wallace Clive Owen as King Arthur

His character made me think of the song I Need a Hero from Shreck 2. Went on an YouTube search for a music video and found this:

Ms. Chadwick has now become one of my top 5 favorite Historical Fiction authors. I loved every chapter and that is saying a lot considering it is 529 pages. The book has it all: drama, comedy, adventure, intrigue, and romance. Treat yourself, get the book and go on a three day reading vacation. You will be transported back in time with a man that is larger than life.

This Sunday begins HFBRT The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick Event. Don't miss it. The Scarlet Lion (the continuing story of William Marshall) is another gem.


  1. I like this post...especially the hero photos...funnily enough, when I was reading the bit about William Marshall I was thinking about young Wallace, not sure why.

  2. I can't wait to see what you all think of William's father when you read his story in A Place Beyond Courage, and I am really looking forward to the new book that comes out in the UK in May. Yes, I am a fan!

  3. Have just seen your comment at my blog, so I mosied on over. Thank you so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed The Greatest Knight. Holding Out For a Hero is indeed William's song. I have a soundtrack blog - although I think I need to run through the Youtube urls as some of them are now defunct for TGK. You can access the soundtracks from the left hand sidebar of my website.
    William's father - I was curious about what kind of man would do this to his son - went investigating and the result is A Place Beyond Courage. What can I say beyond the fact that I love William very dearly indeed, but his father has my heart - and that is something I never, ever expected to happen.

  4. Well now I can't wait to read A Place Beyond Courage. I would never have expected that either after reading TGK.

  5. That King Stephen did not hang young William is even more impressive when you consider that King John (the Evil) DID hang a 5 year old Welsh hostage in his power. This factoid can be found in Chadwick's very impressive "Scarlet Lion."

    Elizabeth Chadwick is a truly wonderful writer.

  6. I have to agree Elizabeth Chadwick is now a new favorite. An author that I must have all of her books! Susie how funny and creative that review was, I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh how you related him to Braveheart, and the movie you got me good with that one. Loved it!

  7. I love Elizabeth Chadwick's books. Look forward to this series. Thanks for the video.

  8. Great review and video. I forgot about Clive Owen. Although I've been strking out with Chadwick I will be checking out TGK.
    Hammer and Anvils HA!

  9. Great review Susie! I loved this book as well - so much action. It was a great introduction to the Medieval period for me too. And I love your parade of heroes!


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