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Monday, August 24, 2009

New Award~HF Lovely Ladies

I would like to thank Heather from Maiden's Court for this lovely award. I really am honored to have received this. Not so sure I deserve this, lately I have been falling down on my blogging. I truely love this community of women that I blog with, you are all so inspirational and supportive.
“What is the criteria to be a H.F. Lovely Ladies Award you ask? You obviously have to be a woman to get this one. Specializing in Historical Fiction, be it novels, historical events, or fine art. These special ladies are the type who go above and beyond the call of duty daily and enjoy it! Since like me they are obsessed with HF theses ladies are a constant support with a flowing wealth of knowledge in the blogging community. They also play an active role in the blogger community hosting events and letting us all know events that they are not hosting. Being super blogger's who constantly are viewing and commenting on other sites with positive feedback. Their blogs have unique qualities like being beautiful and having excellent content. What is amazing is they do all this on the daily and still manage to run a household in their own physical domain. The "super women" blogger's of historical fiction.” Eloquently put by LizzyJ!
I would like to pass this award onto:
Arleigh at Historical Fiction~ I refer to her blog at least daily. She has an incredible resource list of Historical Fiction.
Marie Burton at Burton's Review~Marie has been one of my original followers and has a wonderful blog. I am always impressed with her honest reviews.
Thank-you again!


  1. Thank you so much for this award, Susie! I have also not been too devoted to the blogging but I am trying to get back in the groove. I appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot! For the famous BBAW Week starting 9/14 we will be hosting some fun events so I hope you will have some time to at least enter some of my giveaways :)
    Take care!

  2. Thank you! I've not been around as much as I should, but I'm trying! I wish I had more uninterrupted free time, but with a 10 month old it is getting really hard to sit down and get anything done on the computer, much less read! I really appreciate your kind words!

  3. Well no one deserves it as much as you, Tudor Daughter. This is one amazing page!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All of you ladies are my sources for accurate historical info, so I couldn't agree more. Congrats Ladies.


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