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Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Forum Friday...

Free Forum Friday is the day I can post what ever the heck I want to. Doesn't have to be royally connected at all. Today is Do You Have a Hobby Day!
O.K. let's have a little fun! Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about beyond our books? If so please share it. I think it would be wonderful hear what other of our blog friends like to do. If you have picture links, etc. that would be great.

My hobby that I do in my spare time is the art of Reborning dolls. I love to make dolls, it's so relaxing. Every baby comes out a little different. You really never know what they will look like until your have a finished product.

I have created a new blog for my dolls if you would like to visit.

Hope you all will share your hobbies with us. I look forward to knowing!


  1. Wow, how beautiful! I've heard of people doing this and I think it's incredible how lifelike they are. I'll have to check out your other blog. As for me, the other thing I like to do is knit and crochet although I have bad arthritis in my hands so that hobby has been on the back burner a lot more than it used to. Still I love to make afghans and dishcloths and things like that. Thanks for sharing Susie.

  2. Unfortunately I do not have much of a pssion for anything that is not BookRelated :)
    I used to dabble in PaintShopPro and Graphics, and digital scrapbooking but the kids started to take up too much time. I can bring a book to work for lunch time and go to bed with a book so that is what works for me right now.

  3. Hi:)Besides books, my other hobby is 'art' in all forms. I used to make jewelry, I paint, create, draw, crochet- anything that has to do with art. I'm going to check out your site!

  4. Beautiful dolls! I can't imagine having the talent to make those.

    Like Marie I used to do a lot of graphics and web design, but since having my baby last October I can't find the extra time for that.

    When I was younger I would draw with charcoals, but haven't picked that hobby back up since I left school.

  5. You know ladies there will be time in you lives for hobbies. I am the mother of six children all by the same husband :-). I couldn't do much of anything while the kids were little because it took away from them, but I did read, and I read a lot. That was my down time when they napped or went to bed. I commend you for being such good mothers. Your kids will be great readers as well, because of your examples. I know they are little now, but you will be surprised at the world you are opening to them by your dedication to good books and knowledge. I am in my 50's now and I am enjoying this age very much, because I now have an opportunity to really enjoy the fruits of my labor with my children and pursuing hobbies now.


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