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Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday's Musing with Malcolm...

Allow me to introduce myself I am Crownridge Malcolm of Kilraeke, Malcolm for short. I am a purebred West Highland White Terrier better known as a Westie. I am 4.5 years old and my mother's best boy. Mom and I had a long talk last night and she agreed that I could have my own special day on her blog once a week.

I have so much to say about my beloved Scotland, well I wasn't born there or anything but my roots come from the West Highlands of Scotland. My great grand fathers were very useful to the farmers of the West Highlands. They would hunt the foxes and the badgers flush them out of their burrows, crags or cairns. That is why my legs are short and I am kind square looking so I can dig fast and squeeze into the hole. There are no badgers or foxes for me to hunt in my backyard, but there are these pesky little rascals called gophers. Well, they don't stand a chance with me on the job! When I spot one, I alert the entire neighborhood that I am on the job. I get down to business digging and squeezing in the hole. Sometimes I'm lucky and catch one, they are kind tricky little guys, but they know I'm on patrol so beware! Mom calls me the Sheriff of Bancroft (that's the street I live on ) because I take my job so seriously. Sometimes I am so good at alerting the neighborhood that mom tells me to come inside and go lay down. I can't figure out why she does that, doesn't she realize that I am passing on good doggie news to others. I think she really just wants to give the other guys in the neighborhood a chance to alert.

I often dream (I sleep a lot) about my beloved Scotland and how it must feel to run over hill and dale, through the heather with the wind on my face and my nose picking up wild scents. I can see in my minds eye me standing at the top of hill and looking down at the ancient castle Eilean Donan Castle. Such a place to be, a mighty fortress built in the 13th century to protect the land from those pesky Viking raids. I wish I would have been there. I would have alerted everyone of their approach and bit their ankles when they came ashore.
My mom is trying to figure out a way to go to Scotland and take me! We would have so much fun. She said she would even buy me my own Scottish Clan Tartan jacket for me to wear. That would be grand but I don't want to look like a sissy or anything. I told her the jacket would be cool but no booties, absolutely no booties. I do like to dress up in my Sheriff of Bancroft outfit, I feel special in that and there are no booties.

Oh, got to go Mom is telling me I've shared enough for today. I will be back next week, hope you will visit and leave me comments, I love visiting!!! I will be online this week finding out more cool things about Scotland to share.

Raise nae mair deils nor ye can lig: Don't bite off more than you can chew


  1. Hi Malcom, it is very nice to meet you. I just told D.J., my 1 year old Shetland Sheepdog about you. He comes from a long line of champions and likes to be called Prince D.J. sometimes. He agrees with you that it is important to alert the entire neighborhood and feels that you don't have to be outside to do it. Just start barking like crazy and run around the house when you have breaking news. That's what he does. You mom will love it.

  2. Malcom -- it's me! Your favorite human! Don't let mom persuade you to favoritism just because her blog is more popular. You know you love me best:)

  3. Too adorable:) Malcolm, you are just irresistible!

  4. Oh, Malcolm, I am so pleased to meet you--and you are so clever, able to type on your mom's computer with your pads! Our little Daggers hasn't figured that out yet. Not sure if you really want to go to Scotland though, such a long way to sit quietly!
    Ask your mom, does she like The Sunne in Splendour? That was my favorite Penman--was so sad when it ended.

  5. You are really an adorable little fellow, Sir Malcolm. Thanks for sharing all the info on your Scot roots and hunting skills. ;-)

  6. Oh how cute are you Mr. Malcolm? It seems you provide an invaluable service to the neighborhood - I have NO idea what the problem is with your mom...she must not understand the importance of your job! I look forward to reading more about you...and, oh, please take me to Scotland with you ;-)

  7. So cute & creative! I saw a documentary on TV about Westies and it showed them digging tunnels.


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