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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's Musing with Malcolm...

Today's Scottish trip is to Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland. I found such interesting things about this online. Mom thought I might be interested because of Greyfriar's Bobby, a little Cairin Terrier that lived long ago in Edinburgh with his Dad, John Grey. There is a monument to Bobby in the Kirkyard. John and Bobby were very popular on their walks around the town and when John died of Tuberculous in 1858 he was buried in the Kirkyard in an unmarked grave. Bobby was so loyal that every night he would sleep on top of John's grave. He wouldn't be moved. The town took good care of him. Every afternoon at 1 p.m. when the Guards would sound the cannon from the Edinburgh Castle at the top of the hill Bobby would run up the hill into the Castle yard for his lunch. He never missed. He did this for 14 years until he died and was buried next to his beloved John. Later they made a monument to him for his courage and loyalty. The Scots are big on courage and loyalty. I once watched a movie called Brave Heart with Mom and I was impressed with how much courage it took to stand up to that stinky Edward I and the English army. Mom says I shouldn't call Edward stinky, because after all he is her 19th great grandfather. She told me that the movie Brave Heart wasn't exactly how it all happened, but I liked the movie anyway, I thought that Queen Isabella was very beautiful.

Anyway back to Greyfriars Kirkyard; I found out that Kirkyard means Church yard and that Greyfriars Kirk was built in 1602 by the Franciscan Monks~Grey Friars. It's located right outside the Old Town of Edinburgh along the Royal Mile.

Greyfriar's has a poltergeist name Mckenzie. Mom seems skeptical about this, but I believe it's real. That awful Mckenzie was in charge of the Covenanters Prison located in the Kirkyard. They were men who rebelled against the church of England and put in prison. Stinky Mckenzie tortured them and starved them before he executed them. When he died he was buried in the kirkyard. In 1999 a homeless man broke into his mausoleum and opened his casket to sleep in it, that was when Mckenzie got loose and is now haunting the Kirkyard. He attacks people when they go on the ghost tour, there have been many reports of this. Mom says I shouldn't believe everything I read. Well, whatever mom if I was there I would sound the alert and try and chase him right back into this coffin and slam the lid shut. I am sure that is what Bobby would do if he was still alive. Mom said maybe on our Scottish tour we could go on the ghost tour so I could try and catch that old stinky Mckenzie.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I found and my editorial. I have enjoyed reading my comments you left me. I want to tell D.J. that I tried your trick of running around the house alerting after Mom told me to come in, but she didn't love it like you said, she made me go up to my bed in her bedroom and I wasn't aloud to come out for awhile. Gigi I know you love me and I love you too, but you know Mom is my beloved. Miss Prodigal Wife my Mom is really enjoying Sunne in Splendour, she reads to me every night when we go to bed. And Amy Mom said you are more than welcome to go to Scotland with us. The more the merrier.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your musings, Malcolm. Since Cairns and West Highland Whites are related way back on the tree, perhaps you and Bobby share the same ancestor!

  2. eh hem... Malcom... I believe mom forgot to mention that I was actually on the haunted tour and YOU are right. It is haunted and I will never make you do it -- you are too precious. Soooooo scary!!!!

  3. Cute post, as usual :) I like the story about the dog who visited the grave!


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