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Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's Royal Trivia...

The Hanoverians (Hannoveraner)

Six British monarchs, including Queen Victoria and the infamous King George III during the American Revolution, were members of the German House of Hanover:

George I (ruled 1714-1727)
George II (ruled 1727-1760)
George III (ruled 1760-1820)
George IV (ruled 1820-1830)
William IV (ruled 1830-1837)
Victoria (ruled 1837-1901)

Before becoming the first British king of the Hanoverian line in 1714, George I (who spoke more German than English) had been the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneberg (der Herzog von Braunschweig-Lüneberg). The first three royal Georges in the House of Hannover (also known as the House of Brunswick, Hanover Line) were also electors and dukes of Brunswick-Lüneberg. Between 1814 and 1837 the British monarch was also the king of Hanover, then a kingdom in what is now Germany.

Why the Hanoverian Kings in the first place? The Stuart royal line descending from James I died out with Anne the daughter of James II not leaving any heirs. The act of succession then reverted back to the next available heir which was Sophia of Hanover who was the daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, of the House of Wittelsbach, the "Winter King" of Bohemia and Elizabeth Stuart daughter of James I. Sophia would have been the next monarch had she not died a few weeks prior to Anne's death. Upon Anne's death the line of succession went to Sophia's son George I the great grandson of James I.

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